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Set by the Gulf of Panama, Panama City is placed just little distance from Panamá Canal. Being the city with major number of inhabitants, it is also the most attractive city to tourists and visitors who come to Panamá to spend some days.

The old town has turned into a compulsory stop for the guests visiting the city and trying to get information about ancient times. After the destruction of Old Panama, the authorities decided to change city location to a safer area. Declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, the city center has not lost its past touches and still reminds us to the era of conquerors and pirates. If you are really interested in culture, do not hesitate to visit the National Theater. In addition, if you would like to go shopping or having a look at the store, come to Albrook Mall.

You can enjoy shopping in Avenida Central and, at the same time, you can know its traders and its transients.

El Miraflores Visitor Center is available 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm, and it includes information about timetable and directions of boats going and coming along Panama